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18 grams /Tiger Balm Red is a warm, comforting remedy that is most effective for relieving muscular aches and pains.


Balm Red Tiger’s

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18 grams / Tiger Balm White is effective for headaches, stuffy nose, stomach flatulence, insect bites, itchiness, and muscle and joint aches


Balm White Tiger’s

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20 Tea Bag / Bojenmi tea is a must addition to any weight loss program.

Speciality of Asia

Bojenmi Tea Bag

5,70 $

10 x 10cc / This health care product is made form Chinese Panax Ginseng. It is of function of anti-fatigue.

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Jasmine tea 20 tea bags

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Speciality of Asia

Jasmin tea bags

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300 ml / Traditional Chinese natural herbal used for the relief of sore throat, coughs, hoarseness, and loss of voice. It is a throat demulcent and expectorant.

Speciality of Asia

King-to Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa

17,71 $

57 ml / Muscle Pain Relieving Aromatic Oil


Kwan Loong Oil

13,63 $

20 ml / White Flower Analgesic is made from a traditional blend of aromatic herbs , which heal headaches and minor pains made worse from poor circulation, inclement weather, or unwise dietary habits and addictions.

Speciality of Asia

White Flower Oil

16,56 $