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40 g | Black trumpets have aromas of cocoa, butter and a pleasant, slightly rubbery texture. The colour may displease some people but its attributes in the kitchen are such people invariably adopt this mushroom.

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Black Trumpets

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Cedar is known for its decorative qualities, but its leaves on the extract of aromas that allow to create a delicious jelly whose taste will certainly surprise your guests. Who would have thought that one could eat cedar ..!


Cedar Jelly

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75 g | Chaga has been consumed for centuries in eastern Europe because of its medicinal properties. Its high nutritional value has popularized the mushroom in our society over the last few years. The claims are multiple: it regularizes the digestive system, it helps control hypertension, it strenghthens the immune system but it is mostly consumed because of its h...


Chaga Nuggets

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40g | With their attractive orange colour and superb taste, chanterelles are probably the best known wild mushroom. Although it grows in several different habitats and is relatively easy to find, it remains a choice food. Its taste reminds one of apricots and it pleases everyone from connaisseurs to people being introduced to the world of wild mushrooms.



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