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190 ml | Small, black and sweet, wild blackberries are so tasty. They are part of these fruits that can be picked without seeing the time pass, splitting the harvest work while we eat as much on the spot as we bring home. Open a pot, you will recognize the taste of your childhood!

Gourmet Sauvage

Wild Blackberry Jam

8,12 $

190 ml | All of seabuckthorn evokes the sun, even if it is a decidedly Nordic fruit: its deep orange color, sharp acidity, notes of tropical fruit and its high vitamin content. It's a real explosion in the mouth! Your taste buds will be completely subjugated by so many concentrated flavors.

Gourmet Sauvage

Sea Buckthorn Jam

14,08 $

190 ml | Ah wild blueberries, they need no introduction! Juicy, sweet and tasty, they are picked in the forest in Saguenay. In each little pot there is a little history, ours; our relationship to wild picking, one of the last still practiced by many people in Quebec.

Gourmet Sauvage

Wild Blueberry Jam

7,59 $

190 ml | You may be surprised to know that wild plums grow on our land. Fond of clay soils and sunlight, the wild plum embellishes country roads and old railroads with its magnificent bloom . The size of a queen olive and red-bright, the wild plum has nothing to envy to cultivated plums! Its generous and naturally sweet flesh makes an absolutely delicious jam ...

Gourmet Sauvage

Wild Plum Jam

8,12 $

25 Tea bags | 1.5g per tea bag | Ingredients: German chamomile flower, passion flower herb, lemon balm leaf, lavender flower



8,87 $

Cedar is known for its decorative qualities, but its leaves on the extract of aromas that allow to create a delicious jelly whose taste will certainly surprise your guests. Who would have thought that one could eat cedar ..!

Gourmet Sauvage

Cedar Jelly

7,59 $

190 ml | Although wild elderberry is very common and the shrub is a major crop, the fruit is still not well known here. Harvested for its medicinal properties since the dawn of time, elderberry makes a timid breakthrough on our tables, but those who discover it adopt it! The elderberry jelly has a unique taste and texture. Its notes of acidulous red fruits ...

Gourmet Sauvage

Elderberry Jelly

8,12 $

25 tea bag | NPN 80082152 | Calendula flower, Cinnamon bark, Sweet Fennel seed, Thyme leaf and flower

Made of hemp fleece, these reusable makeup removal pads are gentle on the skin and eliminate the need for disposable pads. Unlike the disposable ones, they will not tear between your fingers when wet. They are also, of course, an economical and environmental choice! Effective for removing all types of makeup, lipstick and mascara, they can also be used for minor ...

ÖKO Créations - Zero waste products

Öko Makeup removal pads (8 pack)

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25 tea bags | NPN 80082247 | Burdock root, Dandelion leaf, Marshmallow root Burdock is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as an alterative to help remove accumulated waste products via the kidneys, skin and mucus membranes, as a diuretic and to induce sweating (diaphoretic). Dandelion is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help increase bile flow (chol...

25 Tea Bags | NPN 80039412 | Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a diuretic and to help remove accumulated waste products via the kidneys, skin and mucus membranes.

11,09 $

25 tea bags | NPN 80082181 | Birch leaf, Witch Hazel leaf, Hibiscus leaf, Juniper Fruit

9,18 $